All Out Trinity Re-cap

Hello friends! Now that we are about a month past our market event and have had time to reflect, we wanted to do a re-cap of our time preparing for and at the All Out Trinity market in Dallas on March 3rd. 

We were stoked to be participating as this was our first ever market show as a vendor. We spent a few weeks leading up to the show configuring our booth setup in our backyard. We purchased a nice white pop-up market tent and a 6 foot folding table to go along with our small sign, desk setup and wood shelf. 

We ordered some new business cards for the event from JakPrints and I also made these custom wood business card holders.
business card holder

A few pics from the day before the event setting up our tent and tying it down so the wind didn't blow it into the river.
Market PrepMarket Prep
And finally the day of the All Out Trinity event on the Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge in Dallas.
Event Day
Okay so here are our reflections from the event. The event itself was a lot of fun. We made some new friends, signed up six new subscribers and passed out 25+ business cards to people who liked our product or were inspired by our story and mission. We got a lot of compliments on our display and product, which was really encouraging, but we were left disappointed by unmet expectations after only selling one hat. Looking back, it was a great experience with some ups and downs. God blessed us with some encouraging conversations with other Christians and we learned a lot about how to set up our booth in the future. If you are looking at joining your first market and don't know where to start, send us an email and we'd be happy to talk about what you need, what you might like to have, and what isn't necessary the first time around. 

Article Author - Seth Thomas

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