Progress over Perfection

Creatives are known for their ability to critique minuet details that mostly go unnoticed by the average Joe. We are thorough in our work. We yearn for perfection. However, I want to make the case that the pursuit of perfection is not synonymous with righteousness or holiness. It is certainly biblical to be thorough in our pursuits to deliver excellence in all that we do (Colossians 3:23but there comes a point that we cross a threshold from pursuing excellence into impeding progress.

After we started Social Fiber as a legal business, my first question was, "what will our initial design be?" It needed to be conceptually creative in order to conjure questions. It needed to be beautifully executed so that it was captivating. It needed to exemplify the Gospel and be rooted in biblical truth. I wanted it to be so great that it would sell out immediately and kickstart our brand into instant success. Yeah, none of these things happened.

As I struggled with fulfilling this insurmountable order that I had placed upon myself, I had to step back. The unnecessary burden I had laid upon myself was too great to carry. I was asking our first product to fulfill so much more than it ever could. I realized that my pursuit of absolute perfection was interfering with the progress of our business. I was holding us back. I needed to not settle but simplify. 

I proceeded by making a series of decisions that simplified my efforts and allowed progress to be resumed. We chose a hat over a t-shirt design in order to remove the struggle of deciding which sizes and how many of each to order. After finding a manufacturer whose product was up to our standards, we designed a 5-panel hat , embellished with nothing more than our logo. We decided to donate 100% of our profits from these hats for the first 6 months of business. To me, it ended up symbolizing our dedication of the brand to God.

Through this journey, I surrendered a lot of grandiose ideas and learned, while important, perfection should not stifle progress. We were then able to set up our website, launch our first product and progress was restored.

Article Author - Seth Thomas

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